Tarot Treasure Trove

We’re holding a special Tarot event! Come play and you might win a Surtr of your very own!

Event Duration: Dec 18th 00:00 - Dec 23rd 23:59 GMT-5

Click HERE to visit the Event Page

Event Details: 

1. Simply click a Tarot card to win a prize. Each card costs 300 Coupons. You can buy Coupons in-game. (How to get Coupons)
2. All rewards found in this event are non-transferable and will be sent directly to your warehouse. Please make sure your Warehouse has enough space.
3. Rewards:  

100,000 Vouchers 10000 Gold Lv 4 Jewelry Box
Lv 3 Jewelry Box 1000 vouchers Lv3 Energy Potion x2
Gem Dye Double Experience Elixir x2 EXP Ball III
EXP Ball II 50 Gold  Flame Lord Stone


How to finish the quest "Learning Divine Skills"?

One way to upgrade your Divine Weapon is by summoning souls to activate or enhance your Divine Skills. Here are the guide to finish Learning Divine Skills quest.

1)  Select a Divine Skill first

2)  Then Summon souls, there are 5 Free Summons daily.

3)  Click Fuse All the souls


How to submit your issues?


Encountering problems when you are playing Age of Titans? Please submit your issues to the following ways. This will help us identify the problems our players are experiencing. 

1) Login to our Service Center and submit your issues to our Online Service
2) You can also post a thread in our Forum or use the search function in forum to get the answer to your problem

3) Send your problem or suggestion to Help.titan@igg.com

4) Crystals Purchase Problems click here

Steps to Online Service

Rest assured that the AOT team are working hard to fix any remaining issues still unresolved, and we are hoping for your continued support and patience. Thank you.

How to get Coupons?

How to get Coupons?

1) Click "Mall" in-game

2) Spend Crystal to Purchase Coupon 

3) Right click the Coupon in the bag, and then you get the coupon points in coupon mall.

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